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More about the artists in our gallery

Leon Einberger

was born in Salzburg. He has been working as a freelance artist since 1987. Studies in the arts and craft school in Graz, the Tyrolian masterschool in Innsbruck and the summer-academy "school of seeing" from Oskar Kokoschka formed his way of art. He says, nature is the best teacher of painting. There you can learn to see shape light, colour and composition.

Mircev Petr

was born in Czech Republic. He is interested in "searching fogotten motives in the nature". He is painting in oil.


Branco Maric

from Grahovo/Bosnia, studied art at high school and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Later after an extended stay in Italy, he moved to Salzburg (Austria), where he has lived since 2000 and continues to develop a rich artistic experience. Branco loves the Neo-impressionist school as well as having a strong understanding of the language of colour. His masterful style impresses upon the viewer and shows the great potential he possesses. Branco's expresses his attitude to painting as such: "Each image is like a journey where I inially do not know exactly where I will arrive."


She is an abstract painter and the colours comes from her heart.

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